IKE Office Intercom

In a company with employees on different floors, messaging through the office intercom system is often an inefficient use of time. They either have to wait for a busy staff member or a managing director to answer, or they’ll have to track down the person they need and give them a call on their mobile device. But what if there was a better way?
IKE Office believes that every company should be able to communicate with its staff, no matter where they are in the building.

The IKE office intercom is a device that allows people to communicate with one another while they are spread out in different rooms. It’s a great way to communicate but can be made even better by investing in an electronic door lock system. A door lock system allows people to go right in or out of the building without having to bother with keys or codes which speeds up the process for everyone.

The office intercom can be a great way to communicate throughout the day or to make announcements. But what if the receptionist is out sick, and you need to make an announcement? An IKE Office Intercom will allow you to press a button and broadcast your message over a speaker. This way, no one needs to leave their desk or walk all the way to the nearest microphone.

Apartment Intercom Package with 8 Panasonic Telephone With Installation

Office Intercom Package Price in Bangladesh

IKE Office Intercom Package

IKE Office Intercom Package is a new product that solves the problem of inefficient communication in offices. IKE Office Intercom Package has two main features, both of which are designed to increase productivity. The first feature is pre-installed intercom buttons that allow employees to call other departments without having to get up from their desks. The second feature is a WiFi-enabled doorbell that notifies employees when visitors have come for an appointment.

Panasonic Office Intercom

Panasonic has been a leader in home and office appliances for over 100 years, and the Panasonic Office Intercom is a perfect example of this. This device can be placed on any desk or countertop of a business to allow employees to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. The innovative design lets users speak from one side of the room to another without the need of shouting.

The Panasonic Office Intercom Systems offer a wide range of features and configurations to match any office space. Whether you need one intercom system, or multiple interconnected rooms, these systems can provide the support you need. The Panasonic KX-NT304B is an excellent option for any office with up to 10 employees.

We’ve all got that one person in the office who’s always interrupting our conversations, coming into our workspace uninvited, and generally making us feel like they’re not respecting our space. The Panasonic Office Intercom is a solution for this issue, ensuring that everyone can stay productive while still maintaining their privacy.

Office Intercom Package Price in Bangladesh

Intercom Package with 8 Panasonic Telephone With Installation ৳ 22,000
Intercom 5 Package with IKE 8-Port PABX & Intercom Package ৳ 16,150
Intercom 4-Line Package with IKE 8-Port PABX & Intercom Package ৳ 13,940

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