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PABX Price in Bangladesh | Panasonic PABX Bangladesh

We are Leading PABX & Intercom Solution Provider in BD. Panasonic & IKE PABX & Intercom System Available with Total Solution. Call us for Best PABX & Intercom Solution. Yeastar, Grandstream, Fanvil & Yealink IP Phone & PBX Also Available with Best Price Guarantee. We Provide Genuine Product with Guaranteed Service.

Trimatrik Multimedia was organized to be responsive to the emerging new technologies in the Security Surveillance & Computer market by constantly monitoring new Security & Surveillance Products and Services fitted to the needs of its customers.

Beside the top quality management, the company has also employed highly technical, well disciplined, well trained, field tested and experienced manpower to serve all technical support with high professionalism & morality. The unending cross training among each of the experienced employees has further enriched the company’s readiness to meet the demand of the future and readiness to serve the needs of its valued customers nationwide by our well reputed & designed franchise. 

PABX Price in Bangladesh | Panasonic PABX Bangladesh

Panasonic pabx price in Bangladesh

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Panasonic PABX in Bangladesh

Panasonic KX-TES824 (8 to 24 Line) Intercom & PABX System:

  • Advanced Hybrid Telephone System
  • 3-6 Port Analog CO Line
  • 8-24 Port Hybrid Extension Card (Control Unit)
  • Maximum Single Line Telephones: 24

Panasonic KX-NS300 Smart Hybrid & IP PABX & Intercom System:

  • With built-in 6 CO Lines x 18 Extensions (16 Analog + 2 Digital)
  • Expandable up to 128 SLT w/ 2 Digital PT or 64 SLT w/ 66 Digital PT
  • Analog & SLT CO 6-port w/ caller ID

Panasonic KX-TDA100D Hybrid Analog & IP-PABX System:

124 number of trunks, QSIG digital networking allows basic call handling, closed numbering routing, CLIP / COLP / CLIR / COLR, 2 channel cell station to connect DPT interface port.

Panasonic PABX in Bangladesh, Trimatrik

Panasonic PABX & Intercom Supplier

I know that you’re looking for a new PABX system. I’ve been in the business long enough to know what’s the best for your company, so let me introduce…

If you are looking to get the most out of your phone system, we recommend: Panasonic phones. They have a wide range of features which make them great for any office environment.

If you’re trying to choose a phone system, you may want to consider PABX. They provide the right solution for your needs and can lower costs over time.

The Panasonic KX-TA824 is a PABX that combines high performance and affordability. The IKE voice messaging system is as easy to use as it gets, while the Panasonic pabx offers advanced features at a reasonable price.

This system was made with all the bells and whistles. It has direct inward access, caller ID on screen when you’re waiting for a call, 3 levels of automatic reception so that no matter what time it is someone will be able to get your message if they can’t answer the phone but want to say something back. There’s 24 extensions as well as 8 CO lines which means multiple people could use this system at once without any problems!

The Panasonic KX-TDA100D is an IP PBX system that has 124 number of trunks, QSIG digital networking allows for basic call handling. It features closed numbering routing and CLIP/COLP/CLIR (caller ID)/COLR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) capabilities. The T1 / E1 connectivity ensures reliable network operation while the wireless integration offers a mobile phone option as well as PC-phone or console options to keep your office connected even onsite! This innovative hybrid solution also includes advanced call center functions such as centralized voice mail with 2 channel cell station interface enabling connection to DPT port which will accommodate many more users in need of quality communications solutions without breaking budget constraints!

A Private Automatic Branch Exchange, or PABX is a private and automatic telephone network operated with computers. Most enterprises use this technology that provides extensions in one line instead of having multiple lines; the internal calls are switched automatically by computer software without human intervention. This system also offers call transfer and forwarding features as well as connecting to external phone numbers for outside conversations. There are mainly 4 types of PBX systems because it is an automated system:

Panasonic creates a Smart Hybrid PBX System that is perfect for large businesses. You can connect 6 analog CO trunks, 16 SLTs or 2 digital phones to the system with caller ID and voice mail features so your employees will never miss another call again!
The Panasonic KX-NS300 smart hybrid PBX system has something for everyone in today’s ever growing business world – no matter what type of phone you have!

The Panasonic KX-TDA600 is a hybrid IP PBX system to fulfil customers requirements today and into the future. The New KX-TDA600 has been built with many features, such as for hospitality, call centres and remote users from places like hotels or other businesses who may be out of town on business trips. It also allows greater efficiency by giving DECT handsets access in addition to existing analog systems which are still widely used across the world despite being outdated technology now that we have mobile phones available too!

This Panasonic KX-NS300 Smart Hybrid PBX System is the perfect solution for small offices with up to 32 lines. It has a 6 port analogue CO trunk, 2 ports digital telephone, and 16 SLTs and it can all be controlled through an auto-attendant or voice mail system.

Panasonic PABX Systems also give a number of advantages such as reduced maintenance cost and easy management. It is an ideal system for any type of office or department. Panasonic PABX System & Equipment, Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of small, medium and large business phone systems.

At, we have the best pabx supplier in Bangladesh, with a wide variety of options for your business to choose from. Top Phone System Provider in Bangladesh. 

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a top supplier of the PABX System in Bangladesh and it offers products that are known for their quality. In addition, they offer an excellent customer service team to assist you. 

What is PABX ?

PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It is a telecommunication system used within an organization or business to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls. Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system uses a switchboard to automatically connect internal and external callers to specific internal networks. Various organizations use PABX systems to create private internal phone networks for security and privacy. PABX system can handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Currently, various brands of PABX systems are available in Bangladesh including Panasonic, IKE, and Yester.

A PABX system serves as a private telephone network that connects internal phone extensions and routes calls both internally within the organization and externally to the public telephone network. It acts as a central switching system, allowing users to make and receive calls, transfer calls, and access various phone features within the organization.

Key features of a PABX system typically include:

· Extension Lines: PABX systems provide multiple extension lines, allowing employees within the organization to have their own
internal phone lines.

· Call Routing: PABX systems route incoming calls to specific extensions or departments within the organization based on predefined rules and configurations.

· Call Transfers: Users can transfer calls to other extensions within the system, enabling efficient call handling and collaboration.

· Voicemail and Call Recording: Many PABX systems offer voicemail functionality, allowing callers to leave messages when a user is unavailable. Some systems also provide call recording capabilities for monitoring and training purposes.

· Internal Communication: PABX systems often include intercom functionality, enabling internal communication between different extensions without using external phone lines.

· Call Management Features: PABX systems may offer features such as call hold, call forwarding, call conferencing, and caller ID to enhance call management and user convenience.

· Integration with Other Communication Tools: Modern PABX systems can integrate with other communication tools such as unified communication platforms, IP phones, and computer systems to enable seamless communication across different channels.

What is Apartment Intercom System?

An apartment intercom system is a communication system installed in apartment buildings or complexes that enables communication between residents and visitors or between different units within the building. It provides a convenient and secure way for individuals to communicate and
grant access to the building.

Here are the key components and features of an apartment intercom system:

 · Entry Panel: Typically located near the building’s main entrance, the entry panel is equipped with buttons or a keypad that visitors can use to call specific units or communicate with residents. It may also include a camera for visual identification of visitors.

 · Indoor Units: Each apartment or unit within the building is equipped with an indoor intercom unit. Residents can communicate with visitors at the entry panel and grant or deny access remotely.

 · Audio and Video Communication: Apartment intercom systems can offer both audio and video communication capabilities. Audio-only systems allow residents and visitors to communicate through voice calls, while video intercoms provide visual identification and two-way video communication.

· Door Release Functionality: In addition to communication, apartment intercom systems often include a door release feature. This allows residents to remotely unlock the building’s entrance door or a designated gate to grant access to authorized visitors.

 · Security and Access Control Integration: Apartment intercom systems can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, or electronic locks to enhance building security and control access to common areas.

·  Multiple Unit Support: The system is designed to support multiple apartment units within the building, with each unit having its own designated intercom unit and corresponding buttons on the entry panel.

· Optional Features: Depending on the system’s complexity and the specific needs of the building, additional features may include call forwarding to mobile devices, voicemail functionality, visitor log recording, or integration with building management systems.

 Uses of Apartment Intercom System

Apartment intercom systems serve several important purposes and offer various benefits for both residents and building management. Here are some common uses and advantages of apartment intercom systems:

·         Visitor Communication: Intercom systems allow residents to communicate with visitors at the building’s entrance without the need for physical proximity. They can verify the visitor’s identity, inquire about the purpose of their visit, and provide instructions or grant access remotely.

·         Secure Access Control: Intercom systems provide controlled access to the building, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter. Residents can remotely unlock the entrance door or gate for recognized visitors, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized entry.

·         Package Delivery: Intercom systems facilitate package delivery by allowing delivery personnel to contact residents and request access to the building. Residents can provide instructions for package drop-off or grant access for safe delivery, even when they are not physically present.

·         Emergency Situations: Intercom systems play a crucial role during emergencies. Residents can use the intercom to quickly communicate with building management or emergency services, alerting them to the situation and providing necessary information.

·         Internal Communication: Apartment intercom systems enable residents to communicate with each other within the building. They can easily contact neighbors, communicate messages, or coordinate activities without the need for physical meetings or phone calls.

·         Convenience and Time Savings: Intercom systems provide convenience by eliminating the need for residents to physically go to the entrance to receive visitors or provide access. They can handle visitor interactions from the comfort of their apartment, saving time and effort.

·         Building Management and Security: Intercom systems assist building management in maintaining security and control. They can monitor and record visitor interactions, manage access permissions, and quickly respond to security incidents or maintenance requests.

·         Property Value and Appeal: Apartment buildings equipped with modern intercom systems are considered more secure and desirable by potential residents. Having an intercom system in place can enhance the property’s value and attract tenants.

Pabx Machine

A PABX machine, also known as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) machine, is a telephony system used within an organization to manage its internal and external phone calls. It acts as a central switching system that connects multiple internal phone extensions and routes incoming and outgoing calls.

Here are some key features and functions of a PABX machine:

·         Extension Lines: A PABX machine provides multiple extension lines that allow employees within the organization to have their own internal phone lines. These extensions can be used for internal communication within the organization.

·         Call Routing: The PABX machine routes incoming calls to specific extensions or departments within the organization based on predefined rules and configurations. It ensures that calls reach the intended recipients efficiently.

·         Call Transfer: PABX systems allow users to transfer calls to other extensions or external phone numbers. This enables efficient call handling and collaboration within the organization.

·         Call Management Features: PABX machines offer various call management features such as call hold, call forwarding, call conferencing, and caller ID display. These features enhance call handling and improve communication efficiency.

·         Voicemail: Many PABX systems include voicemail functionality, allowing callers to leave messages when the intended recipient is unavailable. Users can access their voicemail messages from their extensions or through a centralized voicemail system.

·         Integrated Communication: PABX machines can integrate with other communication technologies, such as IP phones, computer systems, and unified communication platforms. This enables additional functionalities like video calling, instant messaging, and integration with other business applications.

·         Reporting and Analytics: Some advanced PABX systems provide reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to track call volumes, call durations, and other metrics. These insights can be used for performance evaluation and improving communication processes.

·         Scalability: PABX systems are designed to accommodate the growth of an organization. They can be expanded by adding more extensions and lines as the organization’s needs evolve.

Why use PABX systems?

PABX system makes internal and external communication of business organizations simple and hassle-free. PABX is the only solution for controlling multiple incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.

·         Cost Efficiency: PABX systems create a private phone network that is cost-effective for intra-network communications. And the communication can be completed in quick time.

·         Call Conferencing: Through PABX system multiple call connections can be connected together through conferencing. Again, multiple conferencing calls can be handled simultaneously through the PABX system.

·         Automatic Ringback: Callers can be put on hold using voice response, voicemail, and do-not-disturb options when all lines in the PABX’s internal network are busy. And, subsequently automatically calls back as soon as the line becomes free.

·         Call Transfer: Calls on busy lines of the PABX system can be transferred to other lines of the PABX either automatically or manually. Also, calls can be easily transferred for other needs.

·         Security: Internal and external communication systems of the organization are secure and risk-free by using the PABX system.

Where are PABX systems used?

PABX systems are used by small to large government and private organizations to make their internal and external communication systems secure and hassle-free. Especially nowadays PABX system is being used more for providing customer service. Also, it is used by stock markets, banking institutions, and various institutions especially for managing multiple incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, small and large apartments use the PABX system for internal communication.

What to do before buying a PABX system?

PABX system should be selected according to the requirements of the organization.

·         PABX Type: ISDN / Analog and IP / Hybrid type PABX is currently available in Bangladesh. Select the type of PABX as per the requirements of the company. However, if the size of the organization is large and considering the range of communication, IP / hybrid type IPBX should be used.

·         Call extension: Call extension should be checked as per the requirement of the organization. Because the higher the call extension, the more calls can be received at the same time.

·         Backup: During a power outage, the PABX system should be looked at for how long it is capable of providing battery backup. Moreover, you can setup a separate IPS system if needed.

·         Features: PABX systems include features such as call conferencing, automatic ringback, call transfer, and voice mail. So, before buying a PABX system, you must check whether it has the required features.

What is the cost of PABX system in Bangladesh?

Currently, PABX price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 8,500 to a maximum of TK 2,70,000 depending on the brand, type, extension line, and features of the PABX. However, better quality PABX systems are available between TK 35,000 and TK 70,000. And, IP PBX price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 23,500 to a maximum of TK 1,60,000. Also, PABX systems are currently available in BD in package form priced between TK 11,500 to TK 1,00,000 depending on the package configuration.

How to Get Affordable PABX Price in Bangladesh

PABX Price in Bangladesh are relatively lower as compared to earlier times. Due increase in demand and Wide Manufacturing of Pabx Machine and Sets. Pabx are widely used for communicating over short distance over phone to phone. Pabx Price is stars from 8500 Taka in Bangladesh.

Pabx Machine consist of 8, 16, 24, 32 and 48 Ports, by which respective numbers of phones can be use at a time. Making calls is a basic necessity for every business. Voice over internet protocol or virtual PBX (or its acronym ‘PABX’) has made it even easier to make calls. Without having PABX, you would have a tough time running your business because most of the times, prospective clients land up in voicemail awaiting resolution of their queries, thanks to voicemails going unanswered. You Can get the Best and Affordable updated PABX Price in Bangladesh from our website with best quality service and products.

Pabx System Price in Bangladesh

PABX System Price in Bangladesh varies with Brand and which type or How Many Channels you would like to buy. For House and Apartments, PABX System Price will vary from 8000-50000 tk. For Commercial use, Price may vary from 35000-250000 tk.

There are quite a few well-known companies that manufacture PABX systems in Bangladesh. But the questions that you will have to answer on your own is how much does it cost for you to get started with this type of system? What are the features of a PABX system that can help you decide whether purchasing one or not? Pabx systems in Bangladesh have been installed in some companies, schools and other institutions where they function flawlessly.

Telephone set Price in Bangladesh

The price of a set depends on the way it uses, because each phone has its own features. Smaller phone sets need less power than big phones, they are cheaper and easy to use. Telephone Set Price is starting from 850 Taka in Bangladesh

Best PABX System Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

PABX System Model

Price in BD

Panasonic 24-Port PABX


IKE 16-Port PABX System


PABX-Intercom 8-Line Package Set


Excelltel CS+632-424 24 Line Intercom PABX System


IKE 8 Line Intercom PABX System


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