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Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh


Convex mirrors are often used to make more efficient use of space for parking areas and roadside. They provide a wide angle view of what is behind them, making them an excellent choice for spaces that are tight on space. These mirrors also have a much greater reflective surface area than a standard mirror, meaning they can be easily seen by drivers up to a mile away in daylight conditions. In this article, we will discuss about Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh.

A new invention that can be used to help people find their car in a parking lot has just been created. Drivers often complain about not being able to find their cars because they are either too far away, or there are too many other cars to navigate through. The inventor of the convex mirror created it so the driver can see exactly where their car is without having to drive around looking for it.

There are times when it can be difficult to find an open parking spot near the store you are shopping at. Sometimes the parking lot is full of cars blocking each other in, or there are just not enough spaces to allow for everyone. Imagine if there was a way that you could pull up to the front of the store, or off to the side of the road, and have your own space waiting for you. The answer is a convex mirror.

What is a convex mirror?

A convex mirror can be defined as a mirror with one side curved outwards. This type of mirror reflects light in the same way that water does, meaning that it reflects light towards the center and away from the edges. A convex mirror is made by attaching two pieces of glass together with an air bubble in between them. The curvature of this piece of glass allows the reflection to be tilted so it appears to be coming from a different angle than it actually is.

Convex mirrors are concave mirrors with a convex shape on the opposite side of the mirror surface. A convex mirror redirects light waves to form an enlarged projection of an object. Convex mirrors are part of what makes up a periscope, laser scanners, or carnival game prizes like “Peek-a-boo”. Convex mirrors are also found in shaving mirrors and car headlights.

There are many different types of mirrors. There are concave mirrors, convex mirrors, and more. A convex mirror is a mirror that is curved in the shape of a dish or sphere which causes the image to be reflected back farther than it would be by a flat mirror. When light enters an empty concave surface, it reflects light out with an inverted focal point at the center of the concave surface.

What is a convex mirror?
Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Why are convex mirrors used in parking lots?

Convex mirrors are used in parking lots because they reflect a wide range of angles, so they can be used to see cars from all angles. Convex mirrors are used in parking lots because they provide a wider view of the area. They are also useful for seeing around corners and through obstacles, which is useful when trying to find a car or spot.

Which mirror is used in road side?

The most common mirror used by drivers is the convex mirror. These are usually located on the dashboard or on the windshield. The convex mirror is shaped like a bowl, which means that it magnifies objects that are in front of it. This makes it easier to see what’s happening on the road.

What are the benefits of convex mirrors on a Highway?

The use of convex mirrors on highways is a great way to increase the visibility for drivers. Many drivers are not aware that these mirrors can save lives and reduce crashes.
There are many benefits to using convex mirrors such as: The size and shape of the mirror, and the accuracy of their representation of what is in front of it. Convex mirrors offer an advantage over flat mirrors because they reduce distortion and “hiding” due to their shape.

When driving down a highway, the view of the road ahead is often foggy and difficult to see. As a result, cars coming from the opposite direction may not be visible until they are right in front of you. In an effort to clear up this problem, many countries have begun introducing convex mirrors along their highways. This type of mirror has been shown to sufficiently reduce fog from being seen on the other side of the highway.

The use of convex mirrors on highways helps to protect drivers from distorting images and accidents. A new study shows that the use of convex mirrors on highways helps to protect drivers from distorting images and accidents. The new study, which investigates how such distortions can make it difficult for drivers to judge the position and size of objects, found that reflective surfaces that are shaped like a convex mirror can reduce these errors.

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Parking Mirrors Convex

Parking mirrors are often convex because they can provide a wider angle of view than conventional mirrors. As the mirror is concave, the image it reflects is also convex. This means that there is less distortion in the image, which makes it easier to see objects that are further away.

Parking mirrors are an excellent way to maintain visibility when reversing. They are convex so that the driver can see the rear of the vehicle. Should they ever break, you can replace them with a convex mirror that is also convex.

The mirror is an object we usually take for granted. We use it in our daily routine, but seldom give it a second thought. Mirror’s are often seen as personal items because they can be used to make ourselves look better. However, parking mirrors convex may actually change the way you see your car and other people can see you!

Transport Road Safety Convex Mirror

A convex mirror is a mirror with a curved surface that reflects an upright, larger, and dimmer image. It is used to reduce blind spots which are areas on the side of vehicles where drivers cannot see outside their vehicle. A convex mirror can be fixed to the back of a car or truck to allow for better visibility when changing lanes.

The convex mirror is the most important tool in safety for transport vehicles, transporting goods or passengers. An estimated 6% of all accidents are caused by blind spots which are areas without visibility on either side of the vehicle. The convex mirror can eliminate this problem by making drivers aware of any cars in their blind spots.

Transport road safety convex mirrors are not only improving safety but also increasing efficiency in commercial transport for both companies and consumers.

A convex mirror has an advantage over a flat one as it reflects the side of the object that faces away from it instead of just reflecting the image. The reflection is larger and easier for drivers to see.

When choosing a Convex Mirror?

Do you know what is the difference between a plane mirror and a convex mirror? A plane mirror is a mirror that looks like a plane, whereas a convex mirror has an oval-shaped surface. When choosing a convex mirror there are certain considerations one should make.
First of all, it is important to be aware of the difference between horizontal and vertical distance.

A convex mirror is the type of reflective surface you would find in a makeup mirror. Reflective surfaces are taking over in popularity due to their low cost and durability compared to standard glass mirrors. Reflective surfaces make it easier to see the area around them, while also maximizing space in your bathroom or other room. The downside of this type of mirror is that you can only see yourself, not others, when standing before it.

With all the brands of convex mirrors that are available, choosing one can be a daunting task. There are many things that go into consideration when selecting a convex mirror, such as its surface quality and safety features. In order to make it easier to choose the right convex mirror for your application, we have created a list of considerations to make.  First, you should look for a brand with good surface quality.

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Top Latest Update of Convex Mirror Best Price in Bangladesh 2022
No.Model & DetailsLatest Price
01.Convex Mirror 24 inch11,000
02.Convex Mirror 32 inch17,500
03.Convex Mirror 39 inch21,000
Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Importer in Bangladesh

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a Bangladeshi company that specializes in importing convex mirrors. They are the only importer of these mirrors in Bangladesh. The company has been in operation since 2009, and has steadily grown in size. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA imports these products from several different sources, but is looking to increase its production by doing more business with factories in China or India where they can get better prices on their materials.

We are a leading exporter, importer, distributor, and supplier of Convex Mirror in Bangladesh. We have a wide range of products with us. If you want to import a convex mirror in Bangladesh, contact us. We are the best convex mirror importer in Bangladesh.

Convex Mirror Supplier in Bangladesh

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the leading supplier of convex mirrors in Bangladesh. Convex mirrors are used for many purposes, including traffic control, vehicle head counting, flat-glass repair and heat treatment.

Traffic Mirror in Bangladesh

The traffic mirror is a new and innovative idea that has been introduced in Bangladesh to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by car accidents. This particular type of mirror is designed to be installed on the side of a pole, or any other vertical structure, and can be seen by drivers while stuck in traffic.

Traffic accidents are a common occurrence in Bangladesh. Whether due to reckless driving or bad weather, it is difficult for drivers to maintain control of their vehicle while navigating the streets of Dhaka. Recently, Bangladeshi officials have attempted to improve road safety by implementing traffic mirrors. These mirrors are mounted on poles and designed to reflect an image of traffic behind a car, thus giving drivers a clear view of what is coming up from behind them.

Parking Security Mirror in Bangladesh

In a low-income country like Bangladesh, limited resources and uncoordinated efforts can lead to limitations in quality of life. Cities such as Dhaka are already overcrowded and lack the infrastructure to provide adequate parking space for vehicles. In an attempt to address this problem, entrepreneurs have created reflective mirrors which fit over vehicles’ rearview mirrors and create the illusion of an unoccupied garage.

In an effort to increase security and ensure that no drivers are stealing park spaces, the Bangladeshi government has issued a new law. The law requires owners of private parking lots (not government-owned) to install mirrors above the parking spaces. The mirrors will be used to see if someone is walking or driving out of the lot without paying for their parking. If this happens, the person is caught and fined. Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Install (materials, cost, time)

A convex mirror is a curved surface that reflects light to provide a view from the other side. This makes it very useful in hallways, doorways, and connecting paths where there is no direct line of sight to the other side. In order to install a convex mirror correctly, one needs special tools and materials. The time it takes to install a convex mirror depends on the size and complexity of the wall or doorway being mirrored.

This article is about how to install a convex mirror onto a vehicle. After reading this article, you will know how much to budget for the supplies and installation.

Installing a convex mirror can be done in about half an hour for less than 21000 Taka

Convex Mirror Buying Guide

What are you looking for in a mirror? Size, style, quality? The Convex Mirror Buying Guide is here to help you find the perfect mirror.

A convex mirror is a type of mirror that enlarges objects so it can see what is in the reflection. This type of mirror is meant for decorative purposes or to help with home organization. People purchase convex mirrors for many reasons, but most people buy them because they want to see their reflection better. There are many types of convex mirrors available, so it is important to know how to choose the right one.


  • Convex Mirror Indoor/Outdoor
  • Full Dome Safety Mirror
  • Half Dome Mirror
  • Quarter Dome Mirror


Convex mirrors work best for both, indoor and outdoor applications. So, you should consider using them to upgrade safety on your premises.

  • Indoor Applications – Warehouse, shops, stores, markets and every place that observes heavy foot traffic
  • Outdoor Applications – Parking facilities, driveways, checkpoints, garages, factories, hospitals and places that have heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

What Should You Consider While Choosing Convex Mirrors?

Here are the factors you should consider while buying a convex mirror:

 Indoor or Outdoor

Where are you planning to install the convex mirror? In case of an outdoor application, mirrors need to be resistant to both, corrosion and weather. Additionally, they must be free of frost and condensation.

The difference between choosing an indoor and an outdoor convex mirror is the support, weatherproof seals and the brackets. The indoor mirrors come with wood, chipboard or even with no support at all. The outdoor mirrors have to withstand the external elements; hence they usually have a weather-resistant backing.

Distance and Angle

Placement of convex mirror, its size and shape matter a lot. Define your viewing distance and select a mirror of a size and curvature that fits your needs perfectly. Suppliers like us can help you with an expert advice in case you have any questions about distance and angle required.


Convex mirrors come in a range of materials including polycarbonate face and acrylic. Generally, convex mirrors that are used for both, indoor and outdoor applications are made of polycarbonate face. On the other hand, dome safety mirrors are majorly made of acrylic.

  • Polycarbonate – It has good reflective properties and is virtually unbreakable. It is recommended in places where high security is demanded.
  • Acrylic – It provides a clear reflection, withstanding strong impacts. It is recommended where convex mirrors are unlikely to be vandalised.


While determining the right convex mirror, you may need to consider its properties, like:

  • Heat resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Fog resistant
  • Self-cleaned


It is also important to consider alternatives for installation. However, all of our convex mirrors can be simple to put up on a wall or post. They come with the post mount bracket for free to allow them to be easily mounted on any post that is standard. If you’re looking to mount the convex mirror on an exterior wall, we will provide the wall mount bracket at the small extra cost.All you require are an impact drill that has the appropriate drill bit, and a socket that is set to fit the bolts we provide.

Convex mirrors must be secured when installed and securely, particularly when exposed to winds and shifting weather conditions. Typically, three brackets for mounting are sufficient to make sure that your convex mirror is sturdy regardless of weather conditions.


Which size of safety mirror do I need? The bigger the convex mirror, the more visible things will be.

You can determine the right size for your convex mirror by answering these questions:

  • What will you see in convex mirror?
  • How far will you be using the convex mirror?
  • Where will you install the convex mirror?
  • What is the maximum visibility you want from your convex mirror?

A good rule of thumb is – one foot of viewing is equal to one inch of the convex mirror. Let’s take an example to explain this. If you are planning to place a convex mirror to view a distance of 25 feet, choose a safety mirror of 26 inches in diameter. This will suffice your need.

This handy guide below will give you more idea about the size of convex mirror:

Combined Viewing DistanceMirror Diameter
Up to 5 metres300 mm
Up to 10 metres450 mm
Up to 15 metres600 mm
Up to 30 metres800 mm
Over 30 metres1000 mm

We have included a range of approximate visibility with each mirror on all our convex mirrors so that it makes it easier for you to decide which one will suit your needs best.

What is the Price of Outdoor Convex Security Mirrors in BD?

Price:৳ 17,500
Item:32″ Convex Mirror
Contact No:01789-636363
Status:Ready Stock
Home Delivery:Door Step Service Available

How big of a convex mirror do I need?

Many people are looking for an answer to the question of how big of a convex mirror they need. The answer to this question depends on what you plan to use it for. For example, if you want to use the mirror in your Parking, the size is not as important as if you were using for Highway Road Side or another project with great distances involved.

Convex Mirror | Safety Mirrors for Driveways | Roadside Safety Mirror | Parking Mirror | TRIMATRIK


Convex 39 inch Indoor and Outdoor Parking Security Mirror

৳ 21,000.00

Convex 39 inch Indoor and Outdoor Parking Security Mirror

৳ 21,000.00Compare

Convex Mirror – 32″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

Call for Price

Convex Mirror – 32″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

Call for Price-12%Compare

Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

৳ 11,000.00৳ 12,500.00

Convex 24″ Indoor and Outdoor Security Mirror

৳ 11,000.00৳ 12,500.00


In conclusion, if you are in need of convex mirrors in Bangladesh, then TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the best supplier to go to. They have excellent customer service and prices that can’t be beat. If you need convex mirrors, then TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA has the best quality and prices.

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